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GMO analytical laboratory

The genetically modified products are already here

The commercial production of transgenic, or in other words genetically modified organisms (GMO), especially plants has grown dynamically in the last decade and thus the products derived from these plants are already available in the stores.
The EU regulations clearly state that the traceability and the labelling of GM products should be ensured. According to the regulation, the threshold for labelling those GM events which are approved in the EU is 0.9%.

The fist GMO analytical laboratory in Hungary

Our laboratory was the first in 1999 to start with GMO analytics in Hungary.
The colleagues of the laboratory are recognised experts who regularly take part in the GMO analytical method validation rounds of the European Commission Joint Research Center (JRC), ISPRA.

According to the accepted methodology, the detection and quantification of the genetically modified DNA sequences is based on the polymerase chain reaction (PCR), where the sensitivity of the method is further increased by the use of fluorescently labelled probes (real-time PCR).
Detection and screening is targeted at the regulatory elements of the inserted genes (35S Promoter / Nos terminator).
If the sample is positive for any of the above elements, the next step is the identification of the GMO event, and following that the quantitative analysis of that GMO type which is behind the positive screening result, returning a percentile result of the GMO content.

The laboratory is usually issues accredited results within 3-5 working days.
Regarding further questions on sample size, methods, issuing results, prices, please refer to the Head of Laboratory.


Head of Laboratory
Dr. Klára Dallmann

+36 (28) 526-124

+36 (28) 526-190