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DNA laboratory

Our services:

DNA sequencing

quickly and efficiently provides information on the nucleotide composition of a piece of DNA. This information is essential to every DNA-level work, should it be part of biotechnological, agricultural, human or pharmaceutical R+D work or diagnostic application.

Sequencing apparatus

The sequencing device uses fluorescent dyes and capillary electrophoresis in order to analyse 16 DNA samples in 2.5 hours. The sample can be either a linear PCR product or cloned into a plasmid. Universal sequencing primers are included in the price, but there is a possibility to order the synthesis of unique primers for sequencing.
The sequencing runs for about 700-800 base pairs.

The automated workflow and the experience of our workers enable to issue results in a short time - usually in 3-4 days.
The results are sent to the customers electronically.

Fragment analysis

The laboratory offers determination of fluorescently labelled DNA fragments, for example detection of SNPs, running STR and AFLP applications, or microsatellite analysis. Using several fluorescent dyes simultaneously makes it possible to process 300-400 samples daily.

Oligonucleotide synthesis

Customers receive the ordered oligonucleotides, primers in a short time, usually within 3-4 working days.



Our list of partners include universities, research institutes, biotechnological and pharmaceutical companies.


Head of Laboratory:
Réka Szántó-Egész

+36 (28) 526-148

+36 (28) 526-190



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